Kua O Ka Lā Public Charter School

Kua O Ka Lā Charter School is located at Pu`ala`a, Puna on land leased from Kamehameha School, which is located next to Ahalanui warm pond. Pu`ala`a is an intact ancient Hawaiian village complete with historical sites, fishponds, and native habitat that affords an ideal outdoor learning environment for the project-based curriculum. Kua O Ka Lā offers a specialized program that provides students with core curriculum, content area and electives in-keeping with State of Hawai’i requirements, combined with Native Hawaiian values, culture, and place-based approach to education. From the early morning wehena (ceremonial school opening), Kua O Ka La students are encouraged to walk Ke Ala Pono – the right and balanced path.

Kua O Ka Lā believes that every individual has a unique potential and that it is their responsibility to help their students learn to work together within the local community to create a future that is pono – right. Kua O Ka Lā’s mission is to provide Ka Pae ‘Aina o Hawai‘i with the knowledge and skills, through Hawaiian values and place-based educational opportunities, that prepare receptive, responsive, and self-sustaining individuals that live “ke ala pono” (positive pilina ‘‘āina, pilina kanaka, and pilina ‘uhane).

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