Key Goals

The goals of the MAHALO ‘ĀINA program are to expand our public/private partnerships to gain support for the protection and perpetuation of Hawaii’s forest ecosystems. Funds raised will help support native seed collection and storage; propagation, planting, and long-term care of seedlings; site maintenance; educational programs; and administrative and promotional activities.

The MAHALO ‘ĀINA program is different from other tree planting programs because in addition to raising funds to plant trees, it helps to support total ecosystem management while providing forest stewardship opportunities and environmental and cultural education. We also encourage community members to undertake other forest restoration efforts across the Islands.

The Program will initially benefit the following projects:

Snow cap on Mauna Kea. Courtesy of J.B. Friday

Snow cap on Mauna Kea.
Courtesy of Dr. J.B. Friday

Key Objectives

Through the MAHALO ‘ĀINA: Give back to the Forest program, HFI will:

  • Provide opportunities to participate in forest restoration and education projects;
  • Develop new partnerships to help promote, support, and raise awareness of the many reforestation efforts taking place in Hawai‘i;
  • Further develop demonstration forests to engage the community and increase public understanding of the roll of forests in our history, economy and culture;
  • Plan for future sustainability of forest ecosystems in our Island culture and economy by:
    • Raising public awareness of the environmental, economic and social/cultural components of responsible land management and forestry practices;
    • Introducing residents and visitors to forestry conservation practices that they can do on their own; and
    • Developing long-term partnerships with individuals, businesses, governments, and community groups who have a passion to see Hawaii’s forests thrive.
  • Engage the public at the individual and organizational levels to become involved by offering multiple donor levels and opportunities to volunteer and give back to the forest.